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Vehicle-mounted racks help improve carrying efficiency



In the usual sense, most of our storage shelves are fixed in warehouses, such as commonly used laminate shelves, beam shelves, through-type shelves, etc. The effect is to increase the storage area of ​​the warehouse and realize the orderly placement of goods. Easy access and so on. As for the types of shelves that can improve cargo carrying efficiency, they are relatively rare. For example, storage cages and Qiao 5 solid shelves can be classified into this type of shelf because of their stackability and convenient movement. However, there are also certain types in specific use. limitation.
The shelf shown in the figure above is a kind of shelf provided to customers by our Guode shelf. Let's call it a vehicle-mounted shelf. This shelf can greatly improve the efficiency of cargo transportation to a certain extent. Because love is limited to some goods that cannot be stacked and pressed, and truck transformation is relatively difficult, our truck-mounted racks can reflect its advantages. The structure of the vehicle-mounted rack as shown in the figure is nothing more than a cross-beam rack with a layer of beams plus a layer of steel laminates, but because the rack is placed on a truck to store goods, it is in a dynamic state during the transportation of goods. In the loading state, especially when there are various bumps and sudden brakes during the transportation process, the strength of the rack is much higher than that of the ordinary beam rack. The size of the rack and the contact and connection methods of various components are also affected. There is something to be aware of.