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How to design the shelf to be reasonable?



In the daily work of warehouse management, warehouse managers have a lot of troubles, such as the accumulation of goods in the warehouse, no place to store goods, lack of operators, slow operation efficiency, etc. Leaders often criticize warehouse management for confusion, which makes warehouse managers. Feeling stressed. At this time, the shelf is the best choice, so how should the shelf be designed and placed in order to more effectively help the space utilization? Let me introduce to you how to design shelves.
First of all, we must clarify the products in the warehouse and distinguish between the products that can be put on the shelves and the products that can not be put on the shelves. The products that can be put on the shelves have the same pallet size as much as possible. If there is no fixed pallet, you need to customize the pallet, or add a laminate or Layer network assistance. The size of each layer of the shelf is customized according to the length, width and height of the goods, and the overall height of the shelf is determined in accordance with the lifting height of the forklift and the height of the warehouse. Shelves can be combined. The number of shelves can be determined according to the size of the site and the amount of goods stored in the future. If the warehouse area is sufficient, multiple areas can be divided to store goods.
The shelf channel of the warehouse should be determined according to the right-angle turning distance of the forklift. An electric stacker is used in a warehouse, and the lifting height is generally about 7 meters; for a 2 ton forklift, the channel distance is generally kept at 3.2 meters, if space is sufficient. , The channel can be left a bit larger to facilitate the operation of forklift workers.
In general, the design of the shelf should be comprehensively designed according to the specifications, weight, height of the warehouse, the model of the forklift, and the influence of fire protection. Reasonably designing the storage of shelves can not only make use of the warehouse space, but also greatly improve the efficiency of manual operations.