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What is a shelf



Laminate shelf is a type of shelf for manual storage, which is suitable for storing a variety of types, more complicated varieties, and a combined type of shelf with lighter weight.
The shelf rack is suitable for scenes with more human operations such as the family, the pharmaceutical industry, and the e-commerce industry. The size is also relatively fixed. The conventional size is 2 meters high * 2 meters long * 0.5/0.6 meters wide, and the number of layers is generally 4 layers. Up to the 5th floor, which is composed of columns, beams, laminates, and accessories, the whole is steel structure, and the surface is sprayed with plastic.
As the name suggests, the storage products are very light. Generally, they carry 100KG/layer, 200KG/layer, 300KG/layer, and 500KG/layer. The different load-bearing capacity is determined by the choice of materials. Generally, the cross-section of the material selected for the column is 55*47, the beam is P60*40 and P80*50, and the thickness of the laminate varies from 0.4 to 1.0. The choice of these materials is based on customer requirements. Choose the corresponding material for the corresponding load-bearing. The larger the material, the stronger the load-bearing capacity of the shelf and the higher the price.
In short, the choice of the appropriate shelf rack should be determined according to the use scene, the customer's requirements and the function of the operation. When designing and planning, we must pay attention to the convenience of personnel operation and the reasonable flow of lines.