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Several changes in heavy shelves



Heavy-duty racks are also called beam-type racks. They are a common type of rack. They are mainly composed of rack pillars and beams. This kind of shelf has simple structure, convenient assembly, strong carrying capacity, and relatively straightforward price. Heavy-duty racks are suitable for storing pallet products. There are no special requirements for the type of goods and the number of products. The goods are placed on the pallet during operation, and the pallet is stored on the shelf by a forklift.
Heavy-duty racks are generally customized products. The racks are designed according to factors such as the size of the warehouse, the size of the pallet, the lifting weight and lifting height of the forklift. Heavy-duty racks occupy a relatively long distance between forklift channels and low space utilization. In order to meet the storage capacity of the warehouse, heavy-duty racks can be extended to double-deep racks and narrow aisle racks. Both types of racks use customized forklifts to store and store goods. . Double-depth shelves can put four rows of shelves back to back, reducing the number of aisles, thereby increasing the storage capacity of the warehouse. Narrow aisle racks use narrow aisle forklifts to reduce the channel distance, thereby increasing the storage capacity of the warehouse. The disadvantage is that the forklifts used in the two types of shelves are expensive.
Heavy-duty racks are assembled racks, and their flexible and diverse changes greatly increase the storage rate of the warehouse. Customers can also plan and design heavy-duty racks and their variations according to the site, so as to make better use of the warehouse space.