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The characteristics and applications of beam racks



There are many types of storage racks, such as laminate racks, through racks, cantilever racks, loft racks, etc., but beam racks are undoubtedly one of the more widely used types of racks, which can be used in almost all walks of life. Below, I will give you a brief introduction to the characteristics and applications of the lower beam shelf.
The beam type rack is also called the pallet type rack or the position type rack. It has a simple structure and is mainly composed of uprights and beams. The column is cold-rolled by a continuous punching and rolling mill. The column piece is a fabricated structure. The crossbeam and the column are plug-in connection, and are equipped with a safety pin with strong self-locking ability to ensure the shelf use and forklift operation process The safety and reliability of the connection between the middle beam and the column. The uprights are connected to the ground through anchor screws to ensure the stability of the shelf in use. The shelf height is usually 75mm and the pitch can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the load of each layer of the unit shelf can be up to 4000 kg; the goods are placed on the pallet, and the forklift equipment is used for storage and retrieval, which is convenient and flexible for storage. The size of the beam rack is determined according to the size and weight of the storage rack and the size of the matching pallet. For example, the size of the matching pallet is 1200*1200. Two pallets are placed on each layer. Each pallet does not contain a pallet with a height of 1000. Normally, the unit shelf The length and width dimensions are 2700*1000, and the net height of each layer is about 1400. The unit shelf span is generally within 4m and the depth is within 1.5m. Generally, the shelf height of high-level warehouses is within 12m, and the shelf height of super-high-level warehouses is generally within 30m (such warehouses are basically automated warehouses).
The reason why the beam rack is one of the most widely used rack types in all storage racks is that its price is relatively low, and it can be applied to the storage and retrieval of various goods, and it is arbitrary storage and retrieval of goods. In addition, beam racks can be transformed into other types of racks by adding some components. For example, adding beams and laminates on the ground floor can become laminate racks. Adding beams and fluent strips can become fluent strip racks. Building a shelf platform on the basis, etc., provides a lot of convenience for many beam customers in the later shelf transformation. However, beam racks also have their shortcomings. They are limited by the use of forklifts of different types and sizes, requiring a large number of forklift channels (from about 3 meters to more than 5 meters) in the site, resulting in a higher utilization rate of the site compared to other rack types. Low.
There are many accessories for beam type racks, such as corner guards used to protect the shelves, I-shaped blocks, single-shaped blocks, net laminates, wood laminates, etc. to increase the force area of ​​the goods and pallets to protect the safe back of the goods. Retaining nets, etc., these accessories can greatly improve the stability and safety of the personnel and goods of the beam rack in use, so that the beam rack can better serve our customers.