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Three points for penthouse deck customization



At present, there are a lot of warehouses in the domestic plane space is not very big, but the floor is relatively high, that at this time you can use the attic shelf platform, multiply the utilization of space, make full use of space, upward development. It is inevitable that enterprises will greatly save the cost of renting warehouses. Attic shelves form two to three layers of storage space, which is suitable for a wide variety of storage methods and a large number of storage methods. Enterprises in the understanding of the size of their goods, weight, as well as the quantity, can customize the rough fit for their own factory attic shelves. So the attic shelf platform is customized on demand. Below, we work with Chaoyu Xiaobian to understand the points that need to be paid attention to when the attic shelf platform is customized.


The warehouse area is not large, so we want to go to the high development, the attic shelf platform firm balance is very important, considering the safety, in order to improve the safety factor, all the materials used in the attic must be strong and durable, because in the design, construction, installation and use of the process, there may be a lot of uncertain factors, analyze the shelf structure system, It creates more stability.


The process problem of the attic shelf platform, once formed, the attic platform should go through rust removal, phosphating, passivation, high temperature solid resistance and electrostatic spraying treatment, if the goods are placed on the environment has special requirements, the attic shelf platform should also make the corresponding treatment plan, so as to meet the actual use needs. For example, cold storage can also use cold rolled steel attic shelves, but in the spraying process of this need special cold storage special spraying powder, in order to make the use of cold storage will not rust, because the cost of cold rolled steel in cold storage is far lower than that of stainless steel.


Custom loft platforms should be found with experienced companies or manufacturers, they can build more reasonable, standardized warehouse shelves according to the customer's expectations. And the quality, the stability is also more guaranteed. This kind of customized service also needs perfect after-sales service tracking. Regular enterprises also have great advantages in this respect, which can lay a good foundation for long-term sharing in the future. When there are problems and need to be maintained, they can also make corresponding solutions at any time. Do not in order to save costs, randomly choose three no products, we all know that from the manufacturer to take goods is the cheapest, we can consult a few more, the manufacturers are not the nature of the channel business dealers filter out, find the real manufacturers, in order to spend money on the knife edge.

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Cantilever type shelf is a kind of heavy shelf, cantilever type shelf is suitable for storing long raw materials, ring raw materials, furniture boards, pipe fittings and irregular goods, cantilever can be single or two sides, cantilever type shelf has a stable structure, good load working capacity, high space utilization. The height ratio of cantilever shelf is usually within 2.0 meters (if the goods are stored by electric forklift truck, it can reach 6 meters), the length of the cantilever is within 1.5 meters, and the bearing capacity of each arm is usually within 800KG. Cantilever shelf vertical rod is made of H section steel or cold rolled channel steel, cantilever is made of square steel pipe, cold rolled channel steel or H section steel, between cantilever and vertical rod is made of insert type or screw connection type, between base and vertical rod is made of thread connection type, and cold rolled channel steel or H section steel is made of base. Cantilever shelves are ideal solutions for heavy, scattered or other special goods. Cantilever shelves have two arms and arms for efficient storage of wood, pipe fittings, bars and other similar goods. Cantilever shelf is arranged on the traditional storage shelf support of the outer cantilever, is a kind of long object special storage shelf. Cantilever shelves are used in the field of mechanical equipment manufacturing and building materials mall, etc., plus the shelf, especially suitable for small indoor space, relatively low height of the warehouse, convenient management method, spacious sight line, the use rate is higher than the general storage shelves.

Three-dimensional warehouse shelves refer to the shelves used to place goods in the warehouse, which is widely used in industrial warehouses. Three-dimensional warehouse shelves focus on the upward development, make full use of the storage space of the warehouse, his height can reach more than 40 meters, and ordinary shelves are only 3~5 meters, according to the classification of structure, three-dimensional warehouse shelves can be divided into beam shelves, Corridor shelves, gravity shelves, attic shelves and so on. The next step is to analyze the types of three-dimensional warehouse shelves with you one by one, to help you have a deeper understanding of three-dimensional warehouse shelves. In the three-dimensional warehouse shelves, the beam shelf is more convenient and faster in the storage of goods, which ensures that any kind of goods are first-in, first-out and there is no restriction of the type of forklift truck. It can pick up goods at a faster speed. Its space utilization rate can be as high as 30%~50%, and the specific utilization rate is determined by the type of forklift truck. Which is usually the shelf of its storage density is relatively high, is advanced after the type of part, when the pick up has 20%~30% of the space utilization rate, but in fact, the pick up speed is relatively general, its storage space can reach 60% of the overall warehouse, that is to say, it can make full use of 60% of the space. Gravity shelf, its working efficiency is relatively high, and the density is very high, at present. Secondly, the free access type design is adopted. The circulation rate of inventory is very high, and the goods can be picked up according to the order. The speed of picking up goods is relatively fast. Usually for 2 to 3 layers can be designed to lift goods elevator and stairs and simple attic shelves, in fact, the use of double column as a support part of the risk or card can be applied to some warehouses, relatively high, at the same time the goods are relatively light, the need for artificial storage warehouse, when the inventory is relatively large, you can use the elevator or hydraulic lifting platform. Cantilever shelf is an important kind of shelf in the three-dimensional warehouse. Cantilever shelves are suitable for storing long materials, ring materials, plates, pipes and irregular goods. Cantilever can be single-sided or double-sided, cantilever shelf has stable structure, good load capacity, high space utilization. Cantilever shelf column mostly uses H beam or cold rolled beam, cantilever uses square tube, cold rolled beam or H beam, cantilever and; The column is inserted or bolted, the base is bolted to the column, and the base is made of cold-rolled section steel or H-section steel.

In the design of lightweight shelf specifications, should consider the use of requirements, equipment conditions, load weight, material supply and installation conditions and other factors. The dimensional tolerance, deformation and clearance of the light shelf shall meet the relevant standards. Light shelves should be used correctly. Goods should be placed according to load-bearing shelves. Avoid collision between forklift trucks and shelves. It is best to configure anti-collision Angle, anti-collision bar and other anti-collision equipment. Locking devices must be provided at both ends of each beam of the light shelf so that the beam can be firmly fixed to the column to prevent separation due to upward force. In order to ensure the meshing of the beam and its locking device, the normal operation of the beam lock or the fastening of screws and nuts should be checked regularly during use, and the damaged device should be replaced in time. The installation site should be smooth, without ground depression and inequality. The column feet of light shelf posts should be properly fixed on the concrete foundation, while heavy shelves need to be fixed with tension and explosion-proof screws that are closely connected to the ground. The settlement value of light shelf foundation should be strictly controlled to ensure the normal use of shelf structure. In the design of non-integrated warehouse shelf, attention should be paid to the separation of shelf foundation and building column foundation, so as to prevent the damage of the warehouse shelf structure caused by the force.