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Checkout Counter

Wholesale multifunctional supermarket checkout counter and cash desk/retail store


Cashier Counter

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Checkout Counter

Cashier Counter

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Shelves are an important tool for modern warehouses to improve efficiency. With the rapid economic development, a large number of foreign enterprises have poured into the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta, which not only drives the development of local economy, but also brings new management concepts and technologies. The types of shelves used in enterprise warehouse tend to be more and more automatic and intelligent.
The shelves range from medicine cabinets in ancient Chinese medicine stores, to various shelves used in modern shopping malls, to shelves made of steel bars or more advanced materials in large three-dimensional warehouses.
The development of modern logistics is the premise of the emergence and development of three-dimensional warehouse, and it is compatible with the development of industry and science and technology. Modern mass production is increasingly promoting the socialization, specialization and centralization of industrial production. The highly mechanized and automatic production inevitably requires the timely, rapid and accurate supply and distribution of materials. This has prompted the rapid development of warehouse technology and has become a symbol of high-tech in factory design.
The independent export of shelves began in 2000, mainly through the agency of foreign trade companies. Most of China's exports are pallet shelves and high-rise heavy shelves, while the export of stereoscopic warehouses with high requirements for installation services is relatively small. Shelves for automated warehouses in China have reached the international level. First in first out can be realized, and one-time replenishment and multiple picking can be realized. High storage efficiency.



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