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Problems to pay attention to when arranging storage shelves

Regulations on the natural environment of storage shelves: storage shelves should be in a natural environment of natural ventilation and dry, so as to properly treat paint without rust, paint falling or paint falling areas. Requirements for ground storage shelves: The requirements for ground storage shelves are very important. If the storage rack is supported on the ground as a whole, the electric forklift will remain unified even in its entire state. The shelves remain stationary, so there is no danger of collapse. Overload protection: The net weight of each layer of goods stored does not exceed the greater carrying capacity of the warehouse shelf design concept. Anti-overheight: the floor height and floor width of storage shelves are limited, and the size of pallets and goods should be slightly lower than the net internal space. Avoid collision: The electric forklift should be extremely careful in full operation. Avoid heavy objects and portability: Storage shelves should conform to the standard of light flooring, i.e. heavy objects and lower levels of prior products. Do not use non-standard trays on shelves. When the goods are on the warehouse shelf, the actual operator should not enter the warehouse shelf immediately.

The advantages of shuttle shelf

Shuttle shelf as the rise of the shelf in recent years, more and more customers recognized, the market prospect is very strong, today to introduce the shuttle shelf. The shuttle of the shuttle shelf comes from its auxiliary tool shuttle car. Its structure is very similar to our traditional through shelf, and it is also evolved from the through shelf. Only the through shelf needs the shuttle car to replace the action of the forklift into the shelf channel Large storage capacity: because as long as an access channel can access the goods, if the need for first in first out as long as 2 channels can meet the requirements, the general shuttle induction distance can reach more than 50 meters, the storage rate reached more than 75%, with storage advantages. Compared with the shelf with the same high storage rate, it can achieve the first in, first out, first in, and last out. At the same time, it has the function of tally and inventory, which greatly improves the storage efficiency. Safe and stable, compared with the traditional through the shelf, through the shelf of the number of goods is generally not more than 10, and the forklift to open into the shelf access to goods, and the shuttle through the shuttle car internal access to complete the task, forklift workers as long as the fork at both ends of the goods can greatly improve the safety of the operation.

How should Convenience store shelf layout be done?

Convenience store operation seems simple, but it contains a lot of knowledge. Below the convenience store shelf manufacturers [Super shelf] to explain to you how to better use a variety of sales methods to increase store sales, let you open a convenience store of your own more money! Know location and positioning Some people feel that the shopping place is crowded, and if not properly used, it may lead to a series of problems such as not being able to bring profits or even losses to the store. This is a big mistake to think that even if we did, we can't expect customers to feel what they want from all angles during the shopping process. So we must carry out reasonable layout and selection of convenience store shelves. The most important thing is to know what features to display on a convenience store shelf. According to the characteristics of the goods to choose the appropriate style and color of the convenience store shelf Convenience store shelf display focuses on the quality and practicality of products. In addition, we can help the store owner find the customers through the design of the store shelf display.

How safe are attic shelves?

Attic shelf can be said to be a relatively common product, which can not only reduce the cost, but also reduce the labor of the staff. Widely used in various industries, received the majority of users welcome. As a large shelf, the safety of attic shelf can not be ignored. Let's talk about the safety of the warehouse using the attic. Stability is what attic shelves need. In order to ensure stability, it needs to be strong and durable. How safe are the attic shelves used by the warehouse? Size is to design the attic shelves according to the size of the warehouse, and then choose the material of the attic shelves according to the length of the use and the nature of the goods. General goods with wooden shelves is enough, but also can save part of the cost. Finally, in the installation process, we must ensure the safety of the process, which is directly related to the service life. As long as these three steps are completed, the safety of the attic shelf is reliable. In the daily use process, through manual use, as long as it is not intentional, naturally there will be no safety risks. After all, the safety of the attic shelves can be guaranteed. The most dangerous thing is the operation of people. Whatever the goods are, they must be handled with care and kept in order. In this way, the warehouse is clean and easy to find things to take inventory, greatly saving the use of time. Many accidents are not caused by product problems, but by human error, which eventually leads to certain losses. The steel buckle structure is selected for the attic shelves, which can reduce personnel losses to a certain extent. It is not only firm in structure, but also smooth in surface, which is convenient for the movement of goods. As long as the operation is proper, it can ensure the normal entry and exit of goods. Durability of course can ensure the safety of people and goods.

Three points for penthouse deck customization

At present, there are a lot of warehouses in the domestic plane space is not very big, but the floor is relatively high, that at this time you can use the attic shelf platform, multiply the utilization of space, make full use of space, upward development. It is inevitable that enterprises will greatly save the cost of renting warehouses. Attic shelves form two to three layers of storage space, which is suitable for a wide variety of storage methods and a large number of storage methods. Enterprises in the understanding of the size of their goods, weight, as well as the quantity, can customize the rough fit for their own factory attic shelves. So the attic shelf platform is customized on demand. Below, we work with Chaoyu Xiaobian to understand the points that need to be paid attention to when the attic shelf platform is customized. The warehouse area is not large, so we want to go to the high development, the attic shelf platform firm balance is very important, considering the safety, in order to improve the safety factor, all the materials used in the attic must be strong and durable, because in the design, construction, installation and use of the process, there may be a lot of uncertain factors, analyze the shelf structure system, It creates more stability. The process problem of the attic shelf platform, once formed, the attic platform should go through rust removal, phosphating, passivation, high temperature solid resistance and electrostatic spraying treatment, if the goods are placed on the environment has special requirements, the attic shelf platform should also make the corresponding treatment plan, so as to meet the actual use needs. For example, cold storage can also use cold rolled steel attic shelves, but in the spraying process of this need special cold storage special spraying powder, in order to make the use of cold storage will not rust, because the cost of cold rolled steel in cold storage is far lower than that of stainless steel. Custom loft platforms should be found with experienced companies or manufacturers, they can build more reasonable, standardized warehouse shelves according to the customer's expectations. And the quality, the stability is also more guaranteed. This kind of customized service also needs perfect after-sales service tracking. Regular enterprises also have great advantages in this respect, which can lay a good foundation for long-term sharing in the future. When there are problems and need to be maintained, they can also make corresponding solutions at any time. Do not in order to save costs, randomly choose three no products, we all know that from the manufacturer to take goods is the cheapest, we can consult a few more, the manufacturers are not the nature of the channel business dealers filter out, find the real manufacturers, in order to spend money on the knife edge.

What are the advantages of high shelf

What are the advantages of three-dimensional shelf, high shelf and medium-sized shelf? The high shelf has many users, low cost, safe and reliable, simple assembly and disassembly, and can be used alone. The form of the main and auxiliary shelves can be freely splintered into various arrangements according to the site and use needs. The column pieces of the three-dimensional shelf are connected by the column and the beam and the beam are connected by bolts. The pole boot and P-type closed beam are of combination construction of plug assembly and safety pin lock to prevent the beam from falling off. The shelf steel plate die is placed on the P-beam staircase, beautiful and stable. The height of each layer can be adjusted according to the needs of luggage storage in multiple of 50mm up and down freely. Medium shelf can be selected according to the use requirements of the type of laminated board. Laminate has steel plate, board, fiberboard, melamine board and so on. Medium-sized shelves have strong bearing capacity, plastic surface, easy replacement of wear-resistant, low maintenance cost, and can use high-quality storage shelves under the premise of low cost.

Shandong Weifang shelf storage shelf introduction

In daily life, the application of the shelf is not only necessary for the logistics industry, but also the natural environment of the shopping mall, which can be reasonably convenient for everyone to buy or load and unload. Naturally, we all know that everything has its advantages and disadvantages, in other words, the application of storage rack is also divided into high quality and low quality. So, especially for companies, it's important to have a lot of basic knowledge about storage shelves. Let's actually look at it. In general, common problems in shelf applications include the following aspects: When purchasing storage partitions, select them based on their location. For example, the key models and specifications of stainless steel storage racks are super small, small, light medium and heavy. Generally, the subcompact can carry 50KG, the small can carry 150KG, and the medium, small and medium heavy can carry more than 200KG. Prior to purchase, the size and appearance of the interior space that must be placed needs to be roughly measured to facilitate the selection of actual storage partitions. If some small items do not fit the large gap of the steel mesh, you can choose a different compressive strength and material at the top of the steel mesh joinery or plexiglass board. In the case of choosing storage shelves, due to the flexible and unstable size of storage shelves and the number of stacking layers, the actual selection should be carried out according to the price of stainless steel storage shelves, or according to the price of steel mesh, column, wooden or organic board. In addition to the common problems mentioned above in shelving applications, care must be taken not to place shelves in a natural acidic or alkaline environment as much as possible to prevent changes between and shelves due to acidic or highly alkaline chemicals, thereby altering their quality.

What are the characteristics of the material and structure of cantilever shelf

cantilever racking is used to store the material, plate, the annular material and the irregular cargo, its structure is more suitable for mechanical manufacturing industry and building materials supermarkets and other fields, to really understand the cantilever shelf why apply to these ranges, have to understand the structure and material of the cantilever shelf, followed super yu below small make up together to look at! Cantilever shelf material The cantilever shelf is made of square control: according to the corresponding cantilever loading requirements, the square pipe with appropriate loading requirements is selected, and then cut into the required size according to the demand, and finally welded non-slip guard plate at one end, the other end is connected with the U-shaped column connector. C-section steel production: similar to the production of square tube, also according to the corresponding cantilever loading requirements, selected the suitable specifications of C-section steel, and then the two C-section steel butt welding, welding at one end of the non-slip guard plate, the other end of the welding connected to the U-shaped column. Cantilevered shelf structure The cantilever shelf column and column are connected by a connecting rod, and the connecting rod is made of rectangular control. Basically, flat iron back pull will be added on the connecting rod, and special pull will be used to fix the column piece more firmly, so the safety and stability of the shelf are basically not to worry about. Cantilever shelf adopts special profile column, with high strength cantilever, the cantilever is either single-sided or double-sided, and the single-arm bearing capacity can reach up to 500kg. If it is the reinforced column structure, the maximum pressure can withstand 2000-3000kg. This structure is light but good load capacity, and especially suitable for storing long line materials, ring materials, plates and irregular materials. The combined structure not only has all the advantages of the above structure, but also the space utilization rate is higher, especially after the configuration of the shelf is more suitable for the warehouse with small space but high height, the classification of goods is clear and convenient management. However, whether it is cantilever shelf, their parts are semi-finished products after the completion of production, to use the shot blasting machine shot removal oil and rust, and then through a plastic spray treatment is the real finished product. It will be packaged and shipped after it becomes a finished product. The above are some common materials and basic structures of cantilever shelves. Only by understanding these can we understand why it is suitable for which occasions, and can we better play its role in the future use.

Characteristics of the use of medium shelves in manual pickup shelf types

THE MEDIUM SHELF IS COMPOSED OF COLUMN, BEAM AND LAMINATE. The shelf is only connected with bolts. Beautiful appearance, is a commonly used type of shelves for manual pickup. Load-bearing capacity can reach 200 to 400 kilograms per layer. Most manual pickup products are suitable for use. Medium storage shelf main layer plate experiment research sheet metal, can be freely adjusted up and down 50 mm step distance, easy for operators to enter and exit the goods, storage rack, generally not more than 2 meters, if the use of climbing equipment, shelf height can reach up to 3 meters. Can be used alone, can be freely spliced into various arrangements. Free installation and disassembly, the whole storage frame does not use bolt connection, can use the main, deputy frame connection form, strong stability. The top and bottom of the shelves are connected by beams, and the frame is composed of safety pins. The column consists of a bracket and a column for easy placement on the base bracket. Specially designed safety pin ensures that the beam will not fall off under external force. Laminate adopts international popular strip composite material, laminate thickness, the number of rebar determines the requirements of lamination, with strong bearing capacity, wear resistance, simple replacement, low maintenance cost characteristics. Medium storage frame B can be freely configured with the main frame and auxiliary frame, can use the stability of medium storage frame B to build attic shelves, suitable for manual access, can also be used for spare parts boxes and containers.

Why Heavy shelves are So Much more expensive than Light Shelves?

Shelve have a variety OF styles for different needs, but some customes because they are not in the industry, there will be a lot of questions, one said, are shelves, why this is so expensive, that is cheaper. For example, heavy duty is much more expensive than light duty. What is the reason for this? In fact, what is the "road" in this? Below follow the small edition of Chaoyu shelf to see it together! In fact, this is not who is expensive or cheap, but the value reflects the price. Heavy duty and light duty are two different types of shelves, and the purpose is not quite the same. For example, in the bearing is one of the more obvious differences, heavy shelves are generally more than 500KG of basic bearing, theoretical design, its bearing can reach 2-3 tons or so, of course, this needs the corresponding design and material use, and light shelves are corresponding "cheap" a lot. Light shelf is generally considered to be butterfly hole shelf, its bearing for 300KG or so, and mostly fixed specifications in the majority. Light shelves are mostly for placing light goods, such as the use of personal e-commerce small warehouses, light industrial products, civil products, etc. And its price is relatively cheap, in dozens of yuan to each group or so. Heavy shelves are mostly customized products, which are customized according to different warehouse situations.
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