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The difference between storage shelves and supermarket shelves

Shelves can be seen everywhere in corporate factories, logistics centers and other places. When we go to shopping malls and go to convenience stores to buy things, we can see supermarket shelves. Because they are so different, they are used in different situations. Below we make a comparison of the difference between warehouse shelves and supermarket shelves, and share them smoothly.

How to judge the quality of new storage shelves

How do you judge the quality of a new storage shelf? This issue has also caused a lot of people's concern. Let's take a look at it.

The role and advantages of shelves

 The main function of shelves in supermarkets and convenience stores is to organize and classify products. The division of each area is composed of multiple supermarket convenience store shelves, which mainly display and hang different commodities, which is convenient for the supermarket staff to classify and organize the commodities, and also facilitate the replenishment of commodities. The second role of supermarket shelves is to enable consumers to grasp the goods they need at a glance, and to divide the area for sale, which is a concentrated area for consumers to quickly grasp the goods in order to meet the requirements of self-service fast. The same is true for the same storage shelves, all to reflect the same utilization value in different fields.

Weifang Shelf Factory introduces the application and advantages of Bolted Type Racks

Bolted Type Racks are widely used, including electronics industry, automobile industry, retail industry, clothing industry, supermarket stores and other industries. In addition, Bolted Type Racks are most widely used in high-level warehouses. Below, follow the Weifang Shelf Factory to see the advantages of Bolted Type Racks.

What should to be considered in the design of warehouse shelves

When designing heavy-duty storage shelves, we need to conduct on-site investigations in person and obtain some effective information from customers through communication

The characteristics and applications of beam racks

There are many types of storage racks, such as laminate racks, through racks, cantilever racks, loft racks, etc., but beam racks are undoubtedly one of the more widely used types of racks, which can be used in almost all walks of life.

Several changes in heavy shelves

Heavy-duty racks are also called beam-type racks. They are a common type of rack. They are mainly composed of rack pillars and beams.

What is a shelf

Laminate shelf is a type of shelf for manual storage, which is suitable for storing a variety of types, more complicated varieties, and a combined type of shelf with lighter weight.

How to design the shelf to be reasonable?

In the daily work of warehouse management, warehouse managers have a lot of troubles, such as the accumulation of goods in the warehouse, no place to store goods, lack of operators, slow operation efficiency, etc.
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