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The characteristics and applications of beam racks

There are many types of storage racks, such as laminate racks, through racks, cantilever racks, loft racks, etc., but beam racks are undoubtedly one of the more widely used types of racks, which can be used in almost all walks of life.

Several changes in heavy shelves

Heavy-duty racks are also called beam-type racks. They are a common type of rack. They are mainly composed of rack pillars and beams.

What is a shelf

Laminate shelf is a type of shelf for manual storage, which is suitable for storing a variety of types, more complicated varieties, and a combined type of shelf with lighter weight.

How to design the shelf to be reasonable?

In the daily work of warehouse management, warehouse managers have a lot of troubles, such as the accumulation of goods in the warehouse, no place to store goods, lack of operators, slow operation efficiency, etc.

Structural reinforcement of high beam racks

In the high beam type rack, in order to increase the structural stability of the rack, there will be many auxiliary components and methods in the installation.

How to improve the stability of through-type shelves

Through-type racks are storage racks in which forklifts enter the racks to access goods in the form of unit pallets, also known as drive-in racks or corridor racks.

Vehicle-mounted racks help improve carrying efficiency

In the usual sense, most of our storage shelves are fixed in warehouses, such as commonly used laminate shelves, beam shelves, through-type shelves, etc.

The characteristics and application of pallet racking

Pallet racks, also known as beam racks or cargo racks, are usually used with various pallets and forklifts.

The characteristics and applications of narrow aisle racks

Rugged aisle racks are a form of heavy-duty racks. Because the forklift handling channels of their racking systems are relatively narrow, they are called Rugged aisle racks or accommodating aisle racks.

The characteristics and application of laminate shelves

Shelf racks are usually called shelf racks, which are mainly composed of column pieces, beams and laminates (shelfs).
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